Specializing in providing expertise for all signal support areas including production gangs and installations.

Production support

Over the past several years ESI Rail Ltd has worked alongside CN production crews in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Colombia and Ontario. Under CN direction ESI Rail Ltd. was able to test and make sure signal system was back up after production crews were finished.

  • Dyna Cat Tamper
  • Rail Gangs
  • Tie Gangs
  • Undercutter
  • Shoulder Cleaner


  • Train movement after block was up. Getting work done in a safe and timely matter with lots of equipment and workers on track.

Installation Support

ESI Rail Ltd. had support crews install HBD, melters, foundations, double track cantilevers, signal masts, switch machines, crossings, AEI sites and trench signal cable and fiber for CN in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba.
ESI Rail Ltd. also had support crews install siding extensions which also included wiring of all bungalows and signal masts for CP in 2013.

  • HBD Installs
  • Crossing Installs
  • Snow Melters
  • Bungalow Wiring
  • Cable Installs


  • Install all appliances in a safe manner with minimum track time.
  • Coordinate with Railways to get maximum production to meet goals.