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About ESI Rail Ltd.

ESI Rail Limited is a railway signal contractor providing services to all major railways across Canada. Founded in 2010 and built from the ground up, our workforce has grown each year due to increased demand for the skilled and professional services we provide. By meeting and exceeding our customers' demands, we have established a firm position as leaders in signal systems support for Canadian Class 1 railways. With an experienced and dedicated work force, our company has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the field. Additionally, our commitment to safety, security and efficiency has always been priority number one.

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CN S&C Production Support British Columbia 2022
CP S&C Construction Support Alyth Yard 2019
CN S&C Construction Support Ontario 2022
CN S&C Construction Support Ontario 2022
CN S&C Production Support British Columbia 2022
CP S&C Yard Support 2021
Kershaw Ballast Regulator
Canadian Railway

ESI Rail Limited Specializes in:

  • Production Support
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Design Consultation

We prioritize our customers satisfaction and work with them to support their desired operational requirements. We source appropriate products to suit our clients' needs.

ESI Rail Ltd. has experienced exponential growth in the past decade as we have always sought to continue diversifying our business ventures and services to attract new clientele. With our head office located in Winnipeg, MB, we are in a prime location to continue to serve the needs of our customers across Canada.

Our focus moving into the future of our business is to continue providing the same service that ESI Rail Limited customers have become accustomed to since our inception, in addition to capitalizing on new technologies to ensure we remain the number one choice for national railway service support.


ESI Rail Ltd. is an Independent Railway Signal Contractor that specializes in signal support services and comprehensive signal installations.

  • Production Support:
    • Rail
    • Tie
    • Rail grinder
    • Butt-welder
    • Surfacing and Lining
    • Undercutter
    • Shoulder cleaner
    • Flagging
  • Construction:
    • Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI)
    • Wayside communication systems
    • Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)
    • Positive Train Control (PTC)
    • End Of Siding (EOS)
    • Grade Crossings
    • Hotbox Detector (HBD)
    • Snow Clearing Devices (SCD)
    • Grounding
    • Locates/megging underground cable
    • Cable repair and upgrade
    • Boom Truck
    • Design and Consultation
  • S&C Maintenance:
    • Regulatory Testing & Maintenance of all Signaling systems
    • Emergency Response
    • RailDocs


ESI Rail delivers on time quality service for diverse projects while ensuring safety in all its aspects.

CP S&C Construction Support

Alyth Yard 2019

CN S&C Production Support

Alberta 2022

CN S&C Production Support

Ontario 2019

CP S&C Construction Support

Divide Alberta 2020

2021 Freightliner 114SD

w/ Palfinger PK26002-EH

CP S&C Maintenance Support

Alberta 2022

Track Renewal & Equipment

Southern Ontario 2022

CP S&C Production Support

Quebec 2021

CN S&C Production Support

Tie Program British Columbia 2022

Meet the team

Efficiency, experience and talent is what sets our team apart.

Leslie Buzzell

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Les started ESI Rail Limited in April 2010 with his son Brandon.

Beverley Taylor

Vice President of Operations

Beverley joined ESI Rail Limited in April 2010.

Danny Martens

General Manager

Danny joined ESI Rail Limited in July 2010.

Devin Buzzell

Business & Revenue Manager

Devin joined ESI Rail Limited in July 2010.

Brandon Buzzell

Finance & Procurement Manager

Brandon helped Les start ESI Rail Limited in April 2010.

Christian Cauchon

Senior IT Engineer

Chris joined ESI Rail Limited in May 2017

Jamie Stickwood

Field Manager

Jamie joined ESI Rail Limited in January 2018.

Santanna Blanchette

Business Operations Analyst

Santanna joined ESI Rail Limited in September 2021.

Lorelei Curtis

Travel & Operations Support Specialist

Lorelei joined ESI Rail Limited in January 2017.

Kevin Senenko

Health & Safety Specialist

Kevin joined ESI Rail Limited in June 2012.

Mick Burrows

Signal Training Manager

Mick joined ESI Rail Limited in August 2021

Katelyn Buzzell

Financial Accounting Manager

Katie joined ESI Rail Limited in July 2022.

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4 – 877 Redonda St.,
Sunnyside, MB, R5R 0J4


+1 (877) 489-5134

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